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How to protect your lips

There is nothing worse than having dry cracked lips! That is what I was had recently and it was very uncomfortable. The cold air and the dry heat in my home were the primary causes of my dry lips. But I also was doing what I should protect my lips from cracking.  

By neglecting my pucker I not only caused me pain but it also looked unappealing. That is when I decided to take care of my lips by following a few tips. 

How to Protect Your Lips 

Stay Hydrated 

One of the main reasons why our lips are dry is because our bodies are not hydrated. Our lips crack and shrink when they do not have enough moisture. 
This is why we should drink plenty of water to ensure our skin remains hydrated. Drink a least 9 bottles or glasses a water a day in order to keep your lips soft and smooth.

Hydration does not only deal with water but also using products that seal or provide moisture. 

Hydrating products include items that contain: beeswax, shea butter, vitamin E, and almond, jojoba, and coconut oil. 

Petroleum Jellies help seal in moisture. 

Buying a humidifier also prevents dehydration of your skin and lips. 


Since our lips lack melanin they are more prone to burning. SPF based products will protect your lips from sun burning. Even though it is winter you still need to put SPF based products on your lips. 


Exfoliation gets rid of dead skin and if your lips of feeling dry you should exfoliate. Find a scrub that is for your lips that has fruit based acid containing alpha beta hydroxy acids. Only use it if you don't have sensitive skin or your lips are severely chapped. 

What not to do 

Don't pick at your lips 

Not only does this practice look strange but it is not helping your skin. It is really drying it out because of your saliva. 

Don't wear long wear lipstick

I know some love their matte lipstick but it does not help your lips. Matte lipstick or long wear lipstick should be used sparingly on not at all if your lips are peeling or chapped. Use hydrating lipsticks that have Vitamin E instead. 

Don't treat cold sores with balms

Balms are not for cold sores but rather for dry lips. Use products that actually treat cold sores. 

Best Products for Your Lips 

1.Vaseline Lip Balm Mini Rosy Price: $1.89, Here 

Petroleum jelly products seal in moisture which makes it perfect for your lips. You can use regular petroleum jelly but if you want something specifically for your lips this works wonders. I love how it has a tint which makes it my lips look naturally pink but still effective. 

2. Maybelline Baby Lips Price: $2.89, Here 

This product lives up to its name by giving you the lips you use to have as a tot! Baby Lips is also a two-time Allure Beauty Winner!  It moisturizes your lips all day and contains ingredients to protect your lips from the sun. Another good about this is that you can wear it with your favorite lipstick or lip gloss 

3. Burt's Bees Intensive Overnight treatment Price: $ 8.99, Here 

Any of the Burt's Beeswax lip products are very good but if you are looking for a scrub this product is right for you. Use this scrub overnight if you need intensive help. 

4. Carmex Lip Balm Medicated with SPF Price: $6.60 Here

Great for those who have cold sores or chapped lips. Carmex Lip Balm heals, softens, and provides long-lasting protection. I usually use this product when I have a cold sore.

5.Eos Crystal Melon Blossom Lip Balm Price: $ 6, Here 

Eos has various lip balms that keep your lips soft but also have wonderful flavors. These lip balms are great for everyday use to prevent chapped lips. 

6. Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment for Severe Dry Lips and Cold Sore Price: $ 2.69, Here

Blistex is also known for their cold sore and dry lip treatments. This one softens and hydrates lips. It can also provide relief if you are experiencing pain dry lips or cold sores. 

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