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Get The Ultimate Summer Bucket List Now: 30 Affordable Activities to Do This Summer

When the end of May comes you think what you should add to your summer bucket list. You reminisce the fun activities you did when you were young. Then you make a list of new things you want to try. But you realize you don’t have that much time to complete everything you want before September comes.

That is why I came up with 30 summer goals you can do. These ideas are affordable and allow you to enjoy the season. I included indoor and outdoor ideas you can do. So when people ask you how your summer was you can say it was amazing!

Summer Bucket List: Outdoor Activities 

1. Go to a Baseball Game 

Go support your local high school baseball or even little league baseball teams. They will be glad for the support and you can make a nice family outing out. 

2. Go to a drive-through or outdoor  movie 

3. Watch Fireworks 

Around the Fourth of July, there will be a lot of free firework displays you can see. But most summer events cap the even off with fireworks. Check out your local newspaper or town website to see what events are being held in your hometown. 

4. Go for a swim

Rather you swim in a kiddie pool, indoor pool, or the ocean you can enjoy a nice cool swim.

5. Go to a music festival 

6. Go on a road trip

Take your best friend and go all Thelma and Louise style with the sunglasses and the top down in your convertible. Or at least roll down your windows if you don’t own a convertible! LOL If you don’t want to travel very far from you can to a local spot you have not been.

7. Camp out 

You can go to a campsite or you can camp out in your own backyard. 

8. Make s' mores 

Nothing seems more like summer than making a bonfire and roasting s' mores. Make gourmet version by adding your favorite fruit and cookies together.  

9. Have a water balloon fight 

10. Go Fishing 

Even though you may not be an expert fisherman but you try! It may surprise you what you may catch!

11. Attend a local Farmers Market 

I know going to the farmer’s market does not sound spectacular but it can be useful. You can find the freshest produce and goods to cook healthy meals. A bonus is you are supporting local farmers and vendors.

12. Attend a Yard Sale or Estate Sale 

In the summer a lot of yard sales most are held by churches or local organizations. This is a good time to support local charities. 

13. Go to the Beach 

14. Host a Cookout or Barbeque 

If you have a grill you can cook out some of your favorite food and event your friend over. You can ask them to bring a dish, drink, or snack if they want too. For those who don’t have a grill, you can borrow or rent one

15. Catch Fireflies 

During summer fireflies (or lightning bugs) come outside at night. Fireflies are bugs that light up during the evening to attract mates or prey. If you leave in the Eastern part of the US or visiting you can see them. You can observe the fireflies flying or try to catch some of them. Of course, you let them go but it is fun to observe them. 

Summer Bucket List: Indoor Activities 

1. Make Ice cream sandwiches and an ice cream party

When I was younger, I and my sister would make ice cream sandwiches by using some of our favorite stores brought cookies like Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies. We would place our favorite store brought ice cream on one cookie and then place another cookie on top. If you want to make your own ice cream sandwich from scratch here are a few websites with excellent recipes.

 27 Homemade Icecream Sandwich  via Country Living 

Ice Cream Sandwiches Recipe  via NY Times 

2. Have a Staycation 

If you don’t feel enjoy traveling has a staycation. You take a nap or spending a few hours by yourself. Once you rest you can spend time with your family doing any of these indoor or outdoor activities. 

3. Have a tea party 

4. See a new movie at your local theater 

Summer is the time to watch blockbuster movies. New York Times has a great list of movies for the summer. My top favorite is Lion King and Toy Story 4. 

5. Go to the museum 

Museum during the summer sometimes offers free or discounted events. 

6. Go to a library 

Your local library is not just a source of information but also a place where you can get free movies and books. Check out your local library to see what new movies or books they may for the summer. Also, ask your local librarian what events just for the summer. Libraries usually have a summer reading program for children and even have events for the whole family. 

7. Make popsicles

The temperatures are going up which means you crave certain treats. One of those treats is Make some healthy versions by purring some delicious fruit, yogurt, and honey. Put the mixtures in popsicle molds and add wooden sticks. Then freeze for six hours. Then you can enjoy your nice treat! 

8. Watch a Summer Movie Marathon

Get your favorite BlockBuster Movies or watch a few classic summer movies. Here are some the movies you can start with: 

"The Sandlot" 

"West Side Story"

"It Takes Two"

"A Goofy Movie" 



"The Babysitters Club Movie"

"Independence Day" 

"National Lampoon's Vacation"

"The Parent Trap (either version)"

"My Girl"

"Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's is Dead" 

"Rear Window" 

"Now and Then" 

"Weekend at Bernie's" 

"I Know What You Did Last Summer" 

"Fried Green Tomatoes"

"Field of Dreams"




"Troop Beverly Hills" 

9. Host a Potluck Dinner  

Now is the time to host a potluck dinner. Invite your foodie friends and ask them to bring their favorite dish! Decorate your home with a nice floral centerpiece and if you don’t have a green thumb added faux florals instead. If florals aren’t your thing, add some twinkle lights or candles. Make a playlist you and your friends’ favorite music. Then make some wonderful drinks, food, and then enjoy!

10. Read a new book 

Need a book to read on the beach? Read a new book, it can be a genre you never read, a classic novel, or a recently released book. You may find a new favorite book!

11. Go to a thrift store 

You can find some great items at your local thrift or consignment shop. Not only can you find fashion but books, dishes, knick-knacks, and other goods. You be surprised at what you may find when you go there. 
12. Host a game night 

Bring out your favorite games or buy your favorite games! Don’t forget to ask your guest to bring their favorite games. Make it but some of your favorite snacks and drinks for your friends or family to enjoy! 

13. Have a Book Club 

To host a book club find out who you want to invite. Then figure out what the purpose of the club would be. Discuss with those in the club on where you want to meet and what books you should nominate. Then define how what format you want the club to have. 

For more ideas on how to start a book club, read this article by Penguin Random House. 
14. Finish A DIY Project 

Use a few of your weekends to complete those DIY Projects you never finished. 

15. Have a Detox from Technology 

Spend a day at home without using any of your technology. Spend time with friends or family. You can also use this time to spend time alone just relaxing or even learning a new thing. Whatever you do take time to enjoy your life and does around you. 


and don't forget your 30 Summer Bucket List Ideas 

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