Friday, January 18, 2019

Being Secure: Single and Saved

I love Valentine's Day! Over ten years I ago I would not be able to say that if a straight face. I mean I had my good memories but some were downright awful. I have been single all of my life. 

I at one time thought  Valentine's Day was just a day for couples to brag out their love. I felt it was not for the chronic single like me to even bother celebrating! It was not odd that I believed that with how years ago the holiday was packaged as a day for those in a relationship.

I tried that whole celebrate with friends and family thing. It was nice when I was elementary school but in highschool it was juvenile and really lame. I mean I was a teen growing up in a time it was normal for children (and I mean children) dating! If did not have a boyfriend you were considered an outcast. I  never really cared for Valentine's day once I got into my teens because of the whole coupling thing.

 I remember this one time during my senior year in high school no sent me a candy gram. I bought candy grams for relatives and friends. I also got some for myself to help my homeroom teacher raise money for her civic's group.  I sent some to "so called" friends but I did not get one from any of them. 

I remember being teased  for days about the fact because I bought candy grams of myself but did not receive any back! That was one of the most humiliating  days and it took me years to embrace this holiday!

In college there were other single female who I could bond with  that we were single and saved! It was completely different because we were all in the same boat. No one was shading anybody about their status. It was refreshing to be around people who were secure in themselves and in God.

Yes, there are few times when it does get on my nerves that I am single but I finally realize that relationship with God is more valuable than anything! So instead of seeking a Godly relationship , I am seeking a relationship with God. This has helped me to take my mind off the fact I don't have a ring on left hand finger but focus on serving God.

I am now even more secure in the fact that I am single now that I am in my 30s. I have my attention turned to God instead of seeking Mr. Right. So I am seeking God to know what His will is for my life. I am also seeking Him to make me better a person. I want to be a better friend, sister, daughter, and human being. And only God can make me better, and not a man! 

So to all those who are single today take heart in the fact your status is a blessing from God. Let Him complete you and shape you into a better you! And spread that love that God showed you to your family and friends. Let them know that God is love and if you got Him no Valentine's Day or any day would be would be incomplete!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

This or That: Valentine's Day!

One of these pink beauties cost around $200.
But which one?

Guess                           Guess

I hope everyone has been having a good week so far. This week I have been busy working on papers and on this blog. One of the hardest post for me to do is the This or That post it takes a long time to find the right steals and splurges that look similar. But it is one the posts I enjoy doing the most. 

The first time I did this post was for Valentine's Day and ever since it has been popular with readers! So I am very excited with the Valentine themed picks I have today and I hope you love this third post  just as much as the very first post! 

Some of the items are just for Valentine's Day and others are just lovely pieces I think are great for the holiday! 

If this is the first time reading my blog the This or That posts are basically a guessing game to see if one can tell a splurge from a steal. Steals are affordable fashion pieces and the splurges are luxury or name brand pieces that are more expensive. 

This post gives people the option of finding a steal or splurge that they would like. It also serves as a reminder that we can find affordable items that looks just as good as expensive items. 

Are you ready to guess which is a steal or splurge?

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Guess                     Guess

One of these quilted bags cost $13 and the other over $100. 

Which is the splurge? 

One Sweater costs under $400!!!
But the other is just  under $34.
Guess which is the steal! 

Guess                          Guess

Which of these coat is the splurge?

Guess             Guess

Which Black Heart Bag Costs $46.80

Guess             Guess 

Conclusion: Whether you like the steal or the splurge it is good to know that you have options when it comes to shopping. You can buy something fabulous at any price point. 

Let me know which guess you got correct!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

How to wear Living Coral

Living Coral is vibrant but not overpowering shade. It has a golden mix of pink and orange.  It is  cohesiveness of comfort and warmth.It also is joyful and light which is something we should embrace during this time. Living colors is.a natural shade found in flora and fauna. The most obvious place where you would see living coral the most in nature is in the sea. 

This is why this color is perfect for spring and summer but it can still wear it in winter. I am going to show you a few ways to wear it now and later. Using the five different color palettes  that Pantone uses with Living Coloral. 

How to wear Living Coral in Winter 

When wearing living coral in winter you can stick with the focal point colors. 

The Neutral Colors include: Soybean, Eclipse, Sweet Corn, and Brown Granite. 

Soybean and Living Coral


Toffee and Brown Granite 


BP. Stripe Sweater • BP • $55
Hue Faux Suede Step Hem Leggings • Hue • $48
Dooney & Bourke Nylon North South Triple Zip • Dooney & Bourke • $49–66.75
Life Stride Kam Ankle Boot (Women's) • LifeStride • $59.95

How to wear it in Spring and Summer 

 In spring and summer you can wear even more of Spring/Summer 2019 Color Palette 

If you want to wear a less neutral color try Mango Mojito and Jester Red

Vince Camuto Soft Texture Henley Blouse • Vince Camuto • $44.97
Kendra Scott Rayne Long Pendant Necklace in Gold • Kendra Scott • $59.97
Mango MANGO Chain leather bag • MANGO • $55.99
Steve Madden Coral Sicily Leather Slide Sandals • Steve Madden • $29.99


Caslon(R) V-Neck Peplum Tee • Caslon • $39
H&M - Fitted Lace Skirt - Red • H&M • $34.99
Isaac Mizrahi Live! Adjustable Crystal Flower Bracelet • Isaac Mizrahi • $19.98
Express Square Toe Scalloped Heeled Sandal • Express • $50.99

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