Saturday, September 26, 2020

Budget Friendly Fall Goals

Fall is my favorite season because I love the temperature, the clothing, the food, and the activities. This upcoming season is also my busiest season. From fun activities to work I have a lot of goals I would like to accomplish these next three months. So In order to have some motivation and maybe encourage someone else to do the same I decided to publish my goals. This why it makes it easier for me to accomplish them knowing that others know about it and that I can visual see what I have done so far. 

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September  Goals

Even though September is almost over I still have some things I would like to accomplish. Cleaning is one the top of my list but  some of my activities  are more entertaining.   

  • Cleaning out my closet because I can't find anything! 
  • Cook some great apple recipes: Fall Apple Recipes I already made an apple pie and apple cobbler. But I want to make apple French toast, and apple waffles!
  • Finish decorating! 

  • Getting a chance to watch new fall shows. Like the Masked Singer! 
  • Cleaning my bedroom and getting rid of clutter.
  • Start walking outdoors and enjoying the weather. 
  • Buying fall fragrances and beauty products. I was able to buy this nail polish! Check out my review of it! 

October Goals 

October Goals

In October I am looking forward to the temperature finally feeling like fall. When the temperatures cool I finally get to use all of those cozy sweaters and stylish coats.  The cooling temperatures also put in the mood to cook more! So I looking forward to eating some comfort food. I also plan on catching up on some reading. 

  • Finally wear my favorite coats and sweaters 

  • Take advantage of the Columbus Day Sale and finally by some Christmas presents. 

  • Celebrate Fall Fest  by watching  great fall movies, shows, and games . And celebrate with fall treats! 

  • Having a fall picnic

November Goals 

November Goals

  • Cleaning the kitchen and getting rid of clutter. 
  • Buying supplies and ingredients for Thanksgiving and any other celebration.
  • Drinking hot chocolate! 
  • Celebrating my dad's birthday.
  • Cooking for Thanksgiving 
  • Continue to buy more Christmas gifts and wrapping paper/ bags during Black Friday and other sale
  • Celebrating my birthday 
  • Decorating for Christmas 

Holiday Decor

Other #falltodolist activities that you may enjoy:  Fall Activities , Things to Love About Fall, and Fall Bucket List

What things do you plan to do this fall? 


Budget friendly things to do in fall

Monday, September 21, 2020

Essie Fall Trend 2020 Nail Polish- Swing Of Things


Fall is here! Now it is time to try new trends. One trend I am trying this Fall 2020 is new nail polishes. This time I am trying Essie's Swing of Things.  

Essie Fall 2020 Nail Polishes 

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This month I tried Essie's Swing of Things. Essie has several new colors for Fall 2020. The other colors in the collection are: Heart of Jungle (Olive Green Shade), Adrenaline Blush ( similar to Samba Red), Don't Be Spotted (Orange), Waterfall in Love (similar to Classic Blue), and Cargo Cameo (Gold shade). These colors are inspired by the Jungle. 

Is Essie nail polish good quality?

I choose Essie's Swing of Things because I love dark purple colors. I felt it would be the best color for my skin stone. Plus it matches most of the colors I have in my fall wardrobe. 

Essie nail polish is long lasting. It  is chip resistant and goes on smooth. The reason is because of the brush. This is why I continually purchase Essie polishes because of the fact the polishes last longer than most. 

I polished my nails on last Wednesday and my nails still look good on Sunday which is which is when these pictures were taken. I applied three coats because I did not have Essie base coat. But it is recommended to use two coats of nail polish and on top of the base coat. 

It is very similar to the polish that I reviewed in 2018. But this shade is darker. I actually like this shade better than the one I reviewed in 2018. To me this polish has more of shine to it compared to the ones I used in the past. 

I recommend this color to any one who like dark berry purple or burgundy shades. I also recommend it because it only costs $8.99 at Target (click here to purchase). It is also available at Walmart

What new Fall Essie 2020 nail polish have your tried or want to try?



Essie Fall 2020 in Swing of Things

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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Affordable Ways to Embrace Fall and Winter

During the fall and winter months we have tendency to slow down a little bit more than in summer. We often take time to enjoy the fall weather. Whether is looking at the leaves change or talking walks on a trail we take a breather to enjoy life's small moments. I think that is one of the biggest reasons why I love fall.

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Why I love Fall and Winter

I love the Fall And winter! You may be wondering what I love about these seasons fall and winter is the time for pursuing things and people that make us happy. It also means to live a quieter life and not be bogged down by work. People who love fall and winter usually embrace the outdoors more. Rather you embrace the colder weather indoors and outdoors it is up to you! The changing of weather does not have to stop you from doing what you love!

I think it is very wise and healthy to try and embrace all seasons. For more nothing is more peaceful than staying at home near a fireplace reading a good book or going to a friend's home for a potluck dinner. Whatever gives you peace, comfort, and happiness is apart of fall and winter. As an introvert my idea my different than most but I believe you will enjoy the list of affordable ways you can embrace fall and winter. 

How to embrace Fall and Winter

I have a few activities and things  you can do to enjoy your home this holiday season.

1. Enjoy reading a good book 

If you had a busy summer and did not get a chance to read your favorite books you have more time around the holidays to visit your local library or bookstore. 
 You can also order your favorite book online. Look for books that interest you or that at least allows you to learn something new! 

The book below is one of the books I read a couple of years ago. Frances Brody has great books. If you are looking for new books to read this fall from her. Frances Brody is releasing a new book from Murder is in the Air. I am looking forward to reading it. 

I am also plan on reading MC Beaton's Hot to Trot in November. The main character is Agatha Raisin who is quite an interesting and funny female detective. 

Anne Perry is also releasing a new book in November. This series is one of the most intriguing mysteries. I can't put the book down when I read it. 

Fall Cozy Food

2. Enjoy decorating your home with cozy items 

Not only can you decorate for the holidays but you can add a few pieces to make your home relaxing. Add a few fluffy pillows and light some candles to create a peaceful atmosphere. 

Kelly Clarkson has a New Wayfair Home Collection you can try. 

3. Embrace seasonal food

Comfort food is just one Of the many things that screams fall/winter! Nothing is my soothing than a bowl of warm of Mac and cheese or a warm piece of apple pie. Comfort food not only warm your body but your soul, so enjoy eating them. Don't forget to eat seasonal produce that is not only tastes good but keeps you healthy!

Here are some of the fall recipes you can try: 24 Hearty Meals  and 20 Favorite Comfort Food

Cozy Fall Food

4. Go outdoors

Most people stay indoors when the weather gets colder! This usually makes people feel that their fun adventures in the great outdoors has to stop. That is not true if you just simply prepare for the weather. Simply wear layers or outerwear. Also invest in a good pair of boots and cold weather accessories.

5. Takes break from technology

Unplug and unwind during the holidays. Just simple turn down your phone for a few hours. Spend that time you would have been glued to your device to actual connect with others. Or spend that time reconnecting with yourself by writing in your journal. Whatever you do in your spare time just make sure you are taking a break and enjoying yourself! 

6. Take a Drive 

 Take a drive to see the changing of leaves. You can go in your town or take a trip out of town. 

8. Enjoy wearing cozy pjs and loungewear 

For some reason people love to wear comfortable clothing in particular pjs. Some jump into their pjs as soon as they come home from work. As a blogger I usually spend most of my time in lounge wear in fall and winter! It seems easier to wear cozy pjs and hoodies in this colder weather. Find you some pajamas and sleepwear to make you feel cozy!


This post was inspired by the Hygge and Coorie Lifestyle. This lifestyle embraces living a simple and comfortable life. Hygge is more indoors and Coorie is outdoors. Each lifestyle is wonderful because it allows people to embrace colder weather and life in general. For more information you can read these posts that talk a little about it: Coorie post  and Hygge post 
Be sure to checkout My Current Favorites page to see more things you buy to embrace these lifestyles. 

How do you embrace fall and winter? 

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