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Mix and Match: Fall Wardrobe Staples

Fall Wardrobe Staples

Fall Wardrobe Staples 

Total: $144.85 

How to Build a Fall Wardrobe with $150 

After reading last weeks blog post you may be wondering how do I get started building my wardrobe once I have a budget. This is why in the next few weeks I be showing how to create a fall wardrobe with various budgets. This week I am focusing on how to create start a fall wardrobe with $150 budget. I will explain why I chose each item and how to style these items by mixing and matching these five items. All of the items I featured are similar to the pieces I have in my closet or drawer.

Key Pieces 

Inorder to get the most out of the $150 I decided to stick with key pieces. Key pieces are items that can go with any color or item you may have in your closet. Key pieces that most women should have have in the closet is a cardigan, long sleeve shirt, denim skirt or pants, and black skirt or pants.Key pieces are items you just can't leave without or just love to wear. These are items you feel comfortable in. For example, I have a gray cardigan that I feel comfortable in and often find creative ways to wear it. I also get a lot of compliments on this cardigan and how I style it.


 I also included the basics which are a t-shirt and ankle boots. Basics are any item you pretty much would wear everyday. I typically wear my ankle boots almost everyday when fall or winter comes. If you do not like these basics find colors or items that you would want to have.

List of Fall Wardrobe Essentials 

1. H&M T-Shirt-  A t-shirt is a great transition piece that you can wear in summer and fall. You can dress your t shirt with a blazer or wear it with your favorite denim jacket. There are so many ways you can style this basic. 

2. Uniqlo Long Sleeve Striped T-Shirt-  This shirt is for the chiller days are for when you do not want to wear a lot of layers. You can style it with your jeans or a skirt. You can also layer it under your sleeveless dresses. 

3. H&M Fine Knit Cardigan - A fine knit cardigan is perfect for chilly days outside or in your office. You can layer on your t-shirt or striped t-shirt. 

4. H&M Denim Skirt- A denim skirt is great for the weekends or running errands. 

5. Mango Black Skirt- Perfect for work or even casual look.

6. Steve Madden Ankle Boots Since it is not quite fall yet you can get away with a ankle boot especially one like this one.

And here are a few ways to mix and match the six items on the list! 

Mix and Match Fall Wardrobe 

Look One

A casual look you can wear on a night out with your friends. 

Look Two 

Great look for running errands in. 

Look Three 

A layered look for those chilly days. 

Look Four

A layered look great for work. 

Look Five  

A great neutral look that you can wear just about anywhere with the right accessories. 


With a budget of $150 a month you can find some great fashion staples for your fall wardrobe. Just remember to stick with items you love and would look great with what you already own. Also wear items that you are comfortable wearing or will fit with your lifestyle.

 With a few basics and key pieces you can create many looks that you can wear. This shows that with a budget you can create a great wardrobe that you can wear for months or even a few years to come. 

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

How to Create a Budget for Your Fall Wardrobe

First it is recommended that you spend 5% of your take home income per month on clothing. To discover the amount you make base on how much your check or direct deposit is each month and multiple by .05. Everyone income may be different depending on if they are paid commission or tips. Those who earn their income on freelancing will also have a different income each month.  Also, you may be like me and are trying to pay your way through school (or pay off). You may want to spend your money on tuition and books instead of new clothing. How much you spend each month is up to you,your income, and your situation.  I  included tips to help you create a budget. Also I have included affordable options and more expensive items because I know everyone's income and spending will be different.

How Much Do I Really Spend?

This is the first question that you may have to ask yourself. Inorder to figure this out you have to keep track on how much you spend a month. You also have to understand how much you have spent in the past.

Check Your Budget 

First see how much you have to spend a month on bills, rent (mortgage), food and car payment. You don't want to spend your rent money on clothing! So figure out much you have to spend on these necessities first before planning on your clothing budget.

Invest in Quality

When you invest in quality pieces to make sure that you get the most of your wardrobe staples. This will prevent from having to buy more items in winter or next year. In the long run you will save more money by buying quality pieces.

You may have to Wait On Some Things

Also, if you want to invest in quality pieces you may want to wait and not purchase them now! For example, if you want to buy a pair of  boots that cost $250 and you know they are of excellent quality, wait until fall comes. Once fall comes does shoes will be marked down. Check back around Columbus Day for the shoes and they may be marked down. That way you were able to buy somethings that lasts a long time in your closet and saved money.

Shop Your Closet 

Before you buy anything check and see what you have in your closet first. You may have things in your closet you have not even worn yet! Most people really do not utilize everything in their closet. Also, by shopping your closet you can also discover what you already have. This will prevent you from buying the exact same thing twice or buying something you really do not need.

Buy Thrift

To help you find quality pieces you may want to buy thrift.  Most consignment shops have designer pieces but at a affordable prices. You may find a lot of items that still have price tags on them.

Try a No Spend Challenge 

Right now I am doing an  another no spend challenge which I focused on beauty products, office supplies, music, and clothing. This allows me to save money to be able to buy what I need next month. It also allows me to use what I have first.

Stores that match your budget 

When you want to start building your wardrobe there are a few stores that may want to shop at according to your budget.

Around $150 a month budget: 

If you plan on spending around $150 a month or so on clothing you can find excellent items at H&M, Mango, ASOS, Zara, and Topshop. These are a few stores you can shop at for wardrobe.

Around $250 a month budget:

For those who make around $60, 000 a year you may want to budget your monthly budget $250. The stores you can find items are J Crew, Nordstrom, and Maxwell.

Around $375 a month budget: 

Shopbop is an excellent realtor to shop at for those who want to find a variety of brands for their budget.

Wardrobe Basics List 

This is a casual wardrobe list of fashion you can wear in fall and other seasons as while. When you create your wardrobe list focus on classic pieces that never go out of style.  Pieces that you can wear for years to come and style it in a variety of ways. 

Feature Items: 

Similar Items: 
Knit Cardigan - Gray • H&M • $24.99
Rib Knit Wool & Cashmere Cardigan • Halogen • $149
Long Sleeve Open Front Cardigan • ST. JOHN'S BAY • $44

Cardigans can help you transition shorter sleeve items into another season. You can also wear your cardigan in the winter months when you layer it with your long sleeve shirts.

2. Stripe Sweater Featured: Stripe Sweater • Veronica Beard • $248

Perfect sweater that you can dress up and down.

Similar Items: 

Plus Striped Dolman Sweater • LOFT • $44.99
Striped Crewneck Cashmere Sweater • Lord & Taylor • $99.99
Striped Dolman Sweater • LOFT • $49.50

3. Denim Jacket Featured:  Denim Jacket - Blue • H&M • $24.99
A casual jacket you can wear with denim or any other material.

Similar Items: 
Denim Jacket • Madewell • $118
Oversize Denim Jacket • Topshop • $90

4. Black Dress Featured: Sentimental NY Ponte Sheath Dress • $48'

Even though this is a casual wardrobe list this dress you can wear to work or for play.

Similar Items: 
Women's Plus Size Elbow Sleeve Ponte Sheath Dress • Lands' End • $89.95
Lace Side Sheath Dress • Maggy London • $100.80
Eliza J Bateau Neck Crepe Sheath • Eliza J • $158
Seasonless Stretch Elbow Sleeve Sheath Dress • Ann Taylor • $139

5. Ballerina Flats Featured:  Leather Ballet Flat • MICHAEL Michael Kors • $59.40–99

Also another staple great for work or your time off. Would look great with your skirts, dresses, or jeans.

Similar Items:
Sam Edelman Felicia Flats • Sam Edelman • $100
Chanel CC Cap-Toes Flats • Chanel • $297.50

6. Tote Bag Featured:  Cameron Street Lucie Saffiano Leather Tote • Kate Spade • $298

Perfect for work or when you go run errands. 

Similar Items: 

MANGO Pebbled tote bag • MANGO • $39.99
Small Leather Tote • Vince Camuto • $148

7. Ankle Boots Featured:  suede Chelsea boots • Steve Madden • $47

One of the perfect boots that look great with your jeans or your dresses.

Similar Items: 
Suede chelsea boots • Steve Madden • $129
Walker Boot • Rag & Bone • $332 

8. Gray Sweater Featured: Fine-knit Sweater - Gray • H&M • $17.99

You can layer this sweater or wear it by yourself.

Similar Items:

Fine-knit Sweater - Gray • H&M • $17.99
Bead sweater • MANGO • $49.99
Wool sweater • Acne Studios • $300

9. White T-Shirt Featured:  Slub Cotton-jersey T-shirt - White • Madewell • $20

You can layer it your cardigan or wear it with your jacket.

Similar Items: 

MANGO Organic cotton t-shirt • MANGO • $4.99
BP. Raw Edge V-Neck Tee • BP • $17
Contrast Crew Tee • Abercrombie & Fitch • $18–20

10.Long Skirt Featured:  Long Denim Skirt - Black • H&M • $69.99

This denim skirt will be great with your boots or your flats.

Similar Items: 
Ann Taylor Button Front Denim Skirt • Ann Taylor • $29.88
Slit-front denim maxi pencil skirt • Raey • $157

11. Trench Coat Featured:  Double-breasted Cotton Coat - Beige • H&M • $299

Perfect for rainy days.

Similar Items: 
Belted Trench Coat • New York & Co. • $69
Long Belted Trench Coat • New York & Co. • $69
Dion Trench Coat • J.Crew • $228
Trench coat with lace insert • Sandro • $252


Overall, whatever you do remember that what you buy is up to your budget. Regardless of what your budget maybe you can find some beautiful and affordable clothes. Pick what you love and what you want to wear in fall and any other season.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Excellent Tips for Cleaning and Organizing Your Closet

Excellent Closet Cleaning and Organizing Tips

Since I went back to school it has consumed most of my time. From studying and going to practicums, my schedule has been full. I did not mean to stop blogging, but it happened. I also did not plan to happen neglecting order in my closet, I would throw items into my closet after cleaning them instead of putting things back in their place. This caused a complete issue when it came to finding clothes to wear to work or school. I have spent mornings trying to find something to wear because my closet was in disarray. One of the first things I decided to do was to clean my closet.

Closet Cleaning Tips

First What You Will Need: 

  • A couple of trash bags 
  • Boxes for donating or selling some items
  • An hour or two of your time

Contains Affilate Links 

Getting Rid of Closet, You do not want

I wrote a post a while back about cleaning my closet. But that was a long time ago and I know I must purge my closet. Things I did not wear anymore or I did not like was what I get rid of first. I recommend you get rid of things that you have not worn in six months. Also get rid of things you do not like or is unflattering. Doing this will help you to figure out what things you want to throw away, give, or sell.

Throw away, Give and Sell


Throw away any clothing that you have not worn in a long time. Make sure the items are things you know longer want. This can be clothing that is no longer in a style that you know no one else would probably not want to wear. Items that have stains or torn are other things that you can throw away.


Give clothing that is still in good condition. Nothing that is torn, ruined, and stained should be given to charity. Make sure the items are still in style and are things that people will be glad to wear.


 When I was cleaning out my closet, I decided that I would make a small pile of clothing that I wanted to sell, give away, or throw away. The clothing I wanted to sell had to be in very good condition or gently used. I also get rid of any clothing I had not worn in years or that still had the price tag on it.

When I called the consignment shop the woman who worked there informed me to bring items bought in the past two years. She also recommends that clothing would be classic or timeless. This is because people often buy items that anyone can wear or is a long-term investment. Items such as little black dresses were their top sellers. The clothing also had to be name brand clothing. The items that sold were my Michael Kors Dress and my Calvin Klein Dress. I ended up receiving $26.50 for those two dresses that sold. In all honesty, you really do not earn a lot of money from selling on consignment. But you will earn enough money to have gas for your car or to pay a small bill.

Clean out your closet

Your closet and clothing may need dusting. Take all your items out of your closet to clean your shelves, walls, and floors. Before putting your clothing back in your closet, dust, them off. You may also need to wash some items if they have been in your closet for quite some time. Send items that need to be dry cleaned to your local dry cleaners. Once this is done, you need to know how to protect your clothing to prevent any damage from happening.

How to protect your clothes

Once you get those items from the dry cleaners you will want to take them out of the plastic bag that they are placed in. These bags are only used for transporting your clothing from the dry cleaner to your home. Those plastic bags are not meant for storing your clothing in permanently. The reason is that the plastic will cause moisture to build up and may cause mold. Once you get your dry cleaned items home, place them in garment bags. These bags will prevent dust and mold from gathering on your clothing. Ps. this product from Bed Bath and Beyond will also help.

In and Out of Storage

For people that actually experience cold weather in fall, this is the perfect time to bring your fall clothing out of storage. Also, you want to protect your summer clothing so there are a few things you need to before storing them. After you wash your summer clothing, iron any items that need it. This will allow your clothing to be neat and clean when you take them out next year. When placing your items in storage, you may want to avoid plastic items because they cause items to become moist. If you choose plastic storage containers places clean cotton sheets around your clothing. Cotton sheets can allow your clothing to breath. Place your items in a cool, dry, and dark place to prevent your clothing from being damaged.

Now that you have cleaned your closet you are probably wondering how to organize what is remaining. First, you will need to ask yourself a few questions about how do I want to organize and store certain items.

Organizing Your Closet Tips

Now that you have cleaned your closet you are probably wondering how to organize what is remaining. First, you will need to ask yourself a few questions about how do I want to organize and store certain items.

First What You Will Need: 

  • Hangers
  • Boxes or Containers 
  • A friend or family member to help you
  • An hour or two of your time

Best Hangers 

If you want to hang all of your clothing in your closet you will need to invest in quality hangers. Plastic hangers may be cheaper than traditional hangers, but they do not last as long and fail to support large articles of clothing like your sweaters. Wooden hangers are the best hangers because they last longer and look very good. Cedar hangers are even better because they are bugging repellant. There are multiple types of hangers you can use below are just a few:

  • Tiered Skirt Hangers: Cascading hangers that you can hang multiple skirts on. There are also hangers for slacks as well. 

  • Shallow Hangers: You can place multiple items such as shirts and sweaters on these hangers. Great for those who have small closets.

  • Nonslip Hangers: Similar to huggable hangers can keep your clothing from slipping off. These hangers are best for silk tops and strappy styles. 


Image from Home Depot

For those who hate hangers and often find their clothing on the floor of your closet, you may want to store some of your clothing in a different way. Buy storage drawers or copies for your clothing. You can also get a shelf hanging closet organizer to store items such as sweaters and hats. You can add more space to your closet, adding a rod. After you have decided what you want to use to organize your closet it is time to finally do it. There are multiple ways to organize your closet. One thing to keep in mind is how do you want to make your clothing accessible to you? These are a few ways you can sort your closet:

  • By Occasion: You can arrange your closet by keeping casual clothes in one section and your work clothing in your section. Your special occasion clothes can go into the back.
  • By Season: For those who have a bigger closet you can arrange your clothing according to seasons. This allows you to keep your clothing in your closet inside instead of storage.

  •  By Color: If think of fashion in turns of color coordination you may want to organize your closet by color. This can be difficult for you have more than primary colors in your closet.

  • By Closet Type: This organization can work for anyone because it is simple to do. You can please your dresses in one place, pants in another, and your tops. Hats can go to the top of the closet and shoes on the bottom of the floor.


Once you have cleaned and organized there are a few ways you can maintain a neat closet. One rule that can help you is keeping your closet a finger width apart. Doing this would allow you to see what is in your closet because everything will not be crammed together. This will also allow you to easily pick items from your closet. Another potential benefit is it enables you to see what you need to have in your closet or get rid of some things. 

Finally, you can try following a few rules to keep your wardrobe from overflowing with clothes. If you cannot wear it in six months, it is time to get rid of it. Also whenever you buy a new item you can get rid of something you no longer need or can wear. Keeping a bag in your closet will allow you to have a bag to throw away whatever you don't need. Doing these few things will help you to maintain a neat wardrobe.

Organizing your closet

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Five Under $50: Summer to Fall Essentials


 Summer dresses are versatile and can be worn into the next season. There are several dresses that would be perfect to transition from summer to fall. But today I am going to focus on midi dresses. 

This page contains affiliate links in which I earn a small commission if you click the link or product. The items I have included are brands or retailers I love and wear. 

Midi Dress 

Midi dresses are perfect to transition because their length is appropriate for both warm and cooler weather. Also, the length is appropriate for formal and casual events. Midi dresses are also excellent because it was one of those dresses that a lot of women can pull off regardless of their body type. 

How to transition your summer essentials  

The dress I featured today is right for summer because of the romantic feel and the fact that it is short sleeve. Since it is a short sleeve it makes the dress easy to layer. I decided on a denim jacket because it looks good with the sleeveless dress and makes it more casual. When it is cooler you can also wear a leather jacket  The color of the dress also makes it right for autumn. I paired the dress with flats but it would look good with heels or sneakers too. Boots in particular ankle boots would be a perfect fall.


I including the tote bag because it is popular for summer and fall.  I choose neutral colored accessories because it allows you to wear them all year long because those colors go with everything. And of course to make your look even cooler and stylish apply a nice nail polish in fall color shade.


Just because summer is about to end it does mean you have to put away all of your summer items yet. Your summer dresses, flats, jackets, and sneakers can still be worn in fall. There are plenty of ways you can mix these items with fall essentials until the weather is finally cool. So mix the summer items on sale or what you have in your closet with your fall fashion. Below are a few places you can shop this summer and I have updated my Current Faves Page and see other items on sale. 


Here are the places that are having stores having a Labor Day Sale

Nine West — Take an extra 30% off everything plus an additional 50% off all sale sandals. Valid through 9/4.

  Macy’s — Take 20% off at the Labor Day Sale with code WKND. Valid 8/29-9/3.

 Kohl’s — Take 20% off sitewide with code GET20. Valid 9/3 only.

 Ann Taylor — Take 40% off full-price styles with code READYSETSALE. Valid 8/29-9/2.

H&M- Take up to 60% off and free shipping on select styles through 9/3/ or while supplies last. 

Forever21 — Take an extra 50% off sale items. Valid through 9/4.

How do you transition your midi dresses for fall?

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