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Tuesday Trends: The Hottest Nail Polish Colors Summer 2019 For You Wear Now

nail colors for summer 2019

Summer 2019 Nail Colors 

This is the season to rock your sandals, so you need the best summer nail color for your pedicure! If you are trying to search for the best and affordable nail colors, I have you covered.

Today I am featuring 6 nails polished that you will be glad to wear. All of the brands featured are ones that I know and love! Let's get started so you can do your nails!

Summer Nail Colors 

1. Coral

Now, this color is a no brainer since Living Coral is Pantone's top color for 2019. Expect to see a lot of people wearing various shades of this color. 

Coral is a perfect color to wear for a beach vacation. 


1. Essie Summer Trend Nail Polish Collection • Essie • $9

2. Pure Ice Nail Polish

3. Essie essie Corals Nail Polish • Essie • $9

2. Orange

Selena Gomez bright orange nails

Selena Gomez Nails via Tom Bachick Instagram

I know you may be wary of wearing orange nail polish but this color can be worn by anyone. Celebs like Selena Gomez are embracing the trend. Selena opted for a peach-colored orange instead of a bright traffic cone color. You can do the same too if you feel like bright colors are too much for you! 

bright orange polish

3. Pearl 

Selena Gomez Nails via Tom Bachick Instagram

Another celeb has been spotted wearing a top nail trend and that is Jennifer Lopez. Just a few days ago she was spotted for an opalescent color. You achieve Jlo's pedicure you can pair a sparkle nail polish with white polish. Or you can buy a shimmer polish that stands alone like this one.

Pearl's nails are perfect for those who are recently engaged or plan on getting married this summer. The pearl color looks lovely with diamond rings. 

If you want an office-appropriate nail color this elegant shade will work! 

1. Essie essie Sheers Nail Polish • Essie • $9

2. Kyoto Pearl Nail Lacquer • $3.99

3.  Opi OPI NailCare Polish Passion • OPI • $9.99

4. Bright Red
bright nail polish

For those who like a classic red, you are in luck! This is another popular shade for summer too! 

1. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish - 0.5 fl oz • Sally Hansen • $2.62–9.99

2. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Polish - 0.4 fl oz • Sally Hansen • $2.49–2.99

3. Smith & Cult - Nail Polish - Kundalini Hustle • Kundalini • $18

4. OPI PRODUCTS, INC. OPI Big Apple Red Nail Polish - .5 oz. • $13

5. Bright Purple 

Of course, lavender colors are still in for summer. But if you want to more than just lavender this summer you can replace with other shades of purple. Look for darker shades of purple this season.

bright purple nail polish

6. Bright Pink

1. Smith & Cult - Nail Polish - Mail Order Bride • $20 ( Pastel Pink with an Opaque Finish) Perfect for shade for an engagement or bridal shower. 

2. Opi Neons Infinite Shine Collection • OPI • $13 (Neon Fuschia Pink from OPI Summer 2019 collection) Dance the night away in this bright neon nail polish! 

3.Essie Universe In Reverse Nail Polish Collection • Essie • $9

4. L.A. Colors Color Craze Nail Polish, Pink Bubbles • $1.49 (Bubble Gum Pink)


This summer season steps out of your comfort zone and picks a trendy nail color for this season. Rather you try something bold like orange or stick to a classy pearl color do something fun with your nails! You won't regret it when you see how fab your nails look! 

If you want to try more trends check out these tricky summer fashion trends!

 Interested in what is jewelry is trendy for summer, read this post

summer nail colors

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Start Packing: The Best and Comfortable Wardrobe Staples to Pack for Your Next Summer Vacation Now

summer travel outfits

Have you ever had a hard time packing the best clothing for your summer vacation? Do you have a tendency to pack the wrong things for your summer travel? You are not the only one. 

I use to struggle with what clothing to pack for my summer break. The reason it was difficult was finding the right clothing for the weather and the activities that I planned on doing. I also had to consider what was the perfect outfit to wear while traveling.

No one to spend hours traveling in an uncomfortable outfit. I also did not want to look like a bummy either. So I decided wanted to create looks that were effortless but comfortable. 

If you want to know how to achieve a chic and feel good look you came to the right place. I have created a list of items you should bring and also created so looks. 

This post contains affiliate links. If you click or purchase any of these items, I will get a small commission at no cost to you. 

Buy cool clothing

No, I am not talking about looking hip but rather not wearing clothing that makes you sweat! Pick fabrics that are breathable such as cotton or jersey. 


Bring items that can be mixed and match to give you plenty of outfits without a lot of clothes. 

Items that are lightweight can be layered with ease!
Bring items that can be layered like a sleeveless maxi dress.

A cardigan is a great item to have because you can use it to layer it or if the temperature changes when you travel. 

Variety is the Key

Bring comfortable shoes for hitting the tourist spots and some cute shoes for going to dinner. Bring a blouse that you don't have to worry about getting wrinkled or stained. A t-shirt is great to have because it can be layered, dressed up and down! 

Low Maintenance is the way to go!

Bring items that do not wrinkle when packed. 
Jersey item is perfect for travel because they do not necessarily have to be ironed. Bring items that do not easily stain or hold scents.

Where your heaviest items on the plane 

For example, if you have hiking boots where those on your travels. That way you can free up space in your carry one. Or if you have a jacket or cardigan wear that on your plane ride. 

List of Clothing to Take With You

Summer Vacation Outfits

1. Jersey Maxi Dress - Yellow, Available in Olive, Black,- Ladies • H&M • $19.99 (Excellent for Layering) 

2. Scalloped Camisole Top - Dark blue - Ladies •JCrew • $12.99

3. Fine-knit Cardigan - Black, Available in Various Colors - Ladies • H&M • $12.99

4.  Knit Elbow Sleeve Tee • Caslon • $29

5.Espadrille Slide • $69.95

6.  Button-Front Midi Skirt • Madewell • $59.99

7.Paper-bag short in seersucker • J.Crew • $69.50

8. Wedge Sandal - Women's • Aldo • $59.98

9. Champion Low-Top Sneakers • Rifle Paper Co. • $39.99

10. Chambray Camp Shirt • Caslon • $69

If you are plan your vacation for about a week you will probably need this amount of clothing. You would also need items like your underwear, pajamas, a swimsuit,flip flops, socks, and accessories. Don't forget about hygiene products, medicine, and other necessities

How to Mix and Match Your Items 

Summer Wardrobe

If you will be gone for over a week you will have a lot of outfit options with these items. Here are a few outfits you can put together. 

Outfit 1:

Shirt: Chambray Camp Shirt • Caslon • $69

Bottoms: Button-Front Midi Skirt • Madewell • $59.99

Shoes: Champion Low-Top Sneakers • Rifle Paper Co. • $39.99

Outfit 2:

Shirt: Chambray Camp Shirt • Caslon • $69

Bottoms: Paper-bag short in seersucker • J.Crew • $69.50

Shoes: Espadrille Slide • $69.95

Outfit 3: 

Shirt: Knit Elbow Sleeve Tee • Caslon • $29

Bottoms: Paper-bag short in seersucker • J.Crew • $69.50

Shoes: Champion Low-Top Sneakers • Rifle Paper Co. • $39.99

Outfit 4:

Cardigan: Fine-knit Cardigan - Black, Available in Various Colors - Ladies • H&M • $12.99

Dress: Jersey Maxi Dress - Yellow, Available in Olive, Black,- Ladies • H&M • $19.99 

Shoes: Espadrille Slide • $69.95

Outfit 5:

Shirt: Scalloped Camisole Top - Dark blue - Ladies •JCrew • $12.99

Cardigan: Fine-knit Cardigan - Black, Available in Various Colors - Ladies • H&M • $12.99

Bottoms: Paper-bag short in seersucker • J.Crew • $69.50

Shoes: Wedge Sandal - Women's • Aldo • $59.98

Outfit 6:

Shirt: Chambray Camp Shirt • Caslon • $69

Dress: Jersey Maxi Dress - Yellow, Available in Olive, Black,- Ladies • H&M • $19.99 

Shoes: Wedge Sandal - Women's • Aldo • $59.98


Packing is stressful if you don't know what to pack. By giving your a list of wardrobe staples and a few tips, now you can figure out what you should pack. Just remember to right a list of all things you need for your vacation. 

That way you want forget something. And remember to enjoy your summer vacation. 

Ps. If you need a few ideas on what to do on your break check out this post!

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Beach Bag: 13 Essential Items to have in Your Beach Bag This Summer

Have you ever had a hard time figuring out what to take to put in your bag for your trip to the beach? I mean there are so many things you may need to take to the beach with you. But you don't want to pack too much. Well, I have come up with 13 essentials items you should have for when you go to the beach

Even if you not going to the beach there are still some essentials to have on hand for your summer travel. Rather you go to the beach or the mountains, you will need these things. All of these items are things you have on hand if plan on spending so time outside. 

Pack these items and you will won't have to worry about not having everything you. So get a pen and paper and write down these items. Once you have your list all you have to worry about is enjoying the summer. 

1. Bug Repellant

Since you are outdoors you can need to have bug repellant. It is hard to find one that is not harsh on your skin. Look for products that are natural. Most likely they will not only work for your skin but also would be a better product. 

2. Sunblock

My favorite Sunblock products have to be Neutrogena, Hawaiian Topic, and Banana Boat (Cool Zone is the best for those hot days).

3. Sunglasses

To keep the sun out of your eyes and help you look even cooler!

4. Mesh Bag for Wet Clothing

If you are the beach chances are you will get your clothing or suit wet. Instead of allowing your clothes to soak up your 

5. Face Wipes

For those hot sticky days.

6. SPF Lipgloss or Balm

Your lips also need protection from the sun. There are many options to choose from so pick your favorite flavor or brand. These are my top picks!


I always try to keep deodorant in my bag, especially in the long hot summer days. A mini deodorant would be best to store in your bag!

8. Hat

When I use to work outdoors I made sure that I wear a hat to shield the sun from my face and to prevent me from getting too hot. Tip: To prevent your hat from being flattened you could stuff your towel with it before you pack it in your bag, hang the tag on the outside of your bag by lopping it on your bag handle, or simply place it on top of everything else you packed!

9. Portable Charger 

Just in case your battery dies well you are travel or outside. 

10. Towel 

You will need a beach towel if you plan on laying on the beach. 

11. Water Bottle 

Just in case you get thirsty. Save some money bringing your own drinks to the beach. 

12.  Lock Case for Valuables 

If you going to the pool or taking a dip in the ocean, you need to protect your valuables. If there is no locker for your items you need to invest in a lock case. This lock case can keep your valuables like your phone or credit cards. To lock the case you have to have a four digit pin. You can secure it to a fixed item to project someone from moving it. 

13. Cooler 
To keep your drinks or food cool. Also, a great item to have for those who have medications that need to remain cool. 

Conclusion: Whatever you plan these are useful things to have on hand if you going outside. Rather you working outside or enjoying a day on a beach, these items will help you. 



For more summer beach essentials:

Check out this Huffington Post Article Here

Need Ideas on Activities to do This Summer Check Out This Post  

What are your summer bag essentials?

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